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I reckon we insert a diagram representing or services here - similar to slide - page2 of PPT - but seriously pro'ed up.

For a more detailed understanding of the principles behind these services please refer to the simple case study available from the menu - alternatively click the "Case Study" buttons below.

The process of enriching your data – by combining and transforming the extracted data into a more meaningful value

Merging & Transforming
Validation & Formatting

The process of ensuring that the extracted data and structure of the output file conforms to a specific format

Sorting & Filtering

The process of “cleaning” your data through the removal of duplicate records, sorting on a specific field & removing irrelevant records


The process of grouping and performing calculations against your data for presentation as a report. This will provide you with a snapshot of your data to aid immediate decision making


The process of automating the Data-Crunchers process and scheduling it to execute at a specific date and time. This will guarantee that your data output / reports are available when you need it

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